UNDP Goal 11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities

Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

The challenge: New York city will flood because of the rise in sea levels. Many people don’t believe in climate change and don’t consider the consequences of their individual actions towards global warming. Others simply rather ignore the issue in order to continue with their lifestyle as it is. If we really want to redirect our future and become sustainable as a species on planet Earth, we need everyone’s collaboration in an individual scale. So far, some big organisations, collectives and companies have managed to adapt their industries in order to have a “lower” negative impact towards our planet and its ecosystems. But the sustainable goals that most countries have set for the near future are still far from our reach. We need to have a bigger impact, we need more people to be concerned, in order to change our course as a species. 

Through speculative design, make an impact on today’s population in order to be aware of this future situation and act accordingly.

The ultimate goal for this challenge is to influence as many people as possible so that every individual takes responsibility for their actions, thus the consequences of such.

Speculative design is meant to create a dialogue, to question possible future situations. It allows us to imagine an alternative future for better or worse. We can raise awareness about issues that aren’t talked about by theorising about what today’s lifestyle will lead us to. We could have predicted and prevented today’s situation, if only someone had wondered what if?

Here’s a link to a better explanation of what speculative design is and some examples of how it’s applied: http://speculative.hr/en/introduction-to-speculative-design-practice/

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