Challenge 3: Modern Energy for the Underprivileged


We live in a country today that has many things we take for granted. One of these things is the energy sources we have available to us, things such as electricity and gas that we us for cooking, heating, powering tools and equipment, transportation, and so much more. So, what are we doing about the 1 billion people that live and function without access to clean or affordable energy?

In many countries where there is poverty and geographically isolated communities, they do not have the ability to use many of the things that we are privileged with in first-world countries. They deal with things like high childhood death rates, sickness, malnutrition, and in some cases unclean water. Access to energy would mean that a lot of these issues could likely be limited or in most causes solved. For example, an area that suffers from sickness and childhood death would see dramatic change if there was clean water, medicine, and the access to technologies that are powered by electricity.

As designers, our challenge is to figure out how we can contribute to solving this issue. Many have tried to start combating this issue in third-world countries, but have had little success in getting the ball rolling. This is not to condemn their work, because a lot has been accomplished, rather it is to highlight the need for us to come along side these groups and strategize a plan that will benefit the world. How can we join in and bring clean and affordable energy?

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