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The group member is Carly Simmons, Gustav Ole Dyrhauge, Runshi Wei.

What is the difference between throwing a can into the recycling trash bin and the garbage one?

Nowadays, more and more countries start to make garbage recycling. Developed countries have good and comprehensive garbage recycling education and promotion, on the contrary, in developing country, garbage recycling is being promoted, but the speed of this progress is slow. The reason is that the inadequate basic education about garbage recycling and the huge amount of population. So the garbage recycling is still a problem.

There is a saying that garbage is treasure if people put it into a right place. According to the strict garbage recycling criterion, lots of garbage can be reuse. As for those unrecycled garbage, people choose landfill to bury these garbage. However, these kind of way to deal with garbage is expected to reduce. The landfill not only let the material non recycled, but also is not sustainable to the land.

In Germany, they have very strict garbage recycling standard. Every children in their childhood need to learn the knowledge about garbage recycling, although the knowledge is complicated, but just because of their education, they can achieve this aim precisely when they grow up. As for foreign people, it’s very hard to follow the instruction, people have to spent a lot of time on learning this standard.

Probably we have such experience. When we want to throw the garbage outside, we need to see the color and sign printed on the trash bin, which one is for recycled, which one is not. When we stand at the front of trash bin, we may consider some questions, such as the garbage in my hand is recycled or non recycled, or in somewhere, the standard of garbage recycling sign is not clear and specific. People would be confused and then throw optionally. It may lead to not only troubles for garbage recycling, but also form the negative atmosphere and influence in society.

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