Responsible Consumption & Production Challenge #2: Materials Awareness


The domestic material consumption in the western countries (Europe and Northern America) is low, since most of the production and mining of goods takes place in Asia and Africa.

However, the consumption of goods is highest in the western countries. This means, that we (the west) “hide” our pollution by manufacturing goods in the blind.

None of our interviewees addressed this, as it is a hidden fact, which most people do not think of or are aware of, when they consume products in their daily lives. However, we as designers now have a chance impact this.

We must make people aware of how their consumption is polluting in other parts of the world, and make them realize that their consumption pollutes even though they cannot see it. By informing people, the hope is to change the consumption patterns and thereby also the manufacturing patterns.

Your task is to create a concept which will make people consider where and how their products are produced. The task could be targeted to the designers’ point of view focusing on the materials they choose to incorporate in their designs. It could also be targeted towards the consumers focusing on the way they choose to consume.


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