Life Below Water Challenge 1: Standardization


Interview by Yangying, Tzu Ching and Ben Bartlett

Sara Tjossem, a graduate professor of environmental policy at Columbia University, conducts research on organizing people in institutions and intergovernmental organizations. She has worked with the north pacific marine science organization (PICES), which makes connections between oceans, atmosphere and land. Six governments work within it. It strives to rise above political organization problems. Despite these potential roadblocks, it has prospered for over 25 years.

Aquaculture in marine systems is massively dangerous, and few regulations exist in this field. For example, the Chinese coast is in horrendous shape due to industrial influence. According to Sara, standardization is a problem amongst nation states that use different metrics and forms of collecting data. Great moments of cultural and physical exchange happen when people allow for these opportunities. By hosting conferences in different cities, alternating between Western and Eastern states, opportunities are made. These opportunities allow for cultural and physical exchanges with research and with different ways of doing science and being in the world. Sharing perspectives and solutions being implemented in different parts of the world allow for knowledge sharing and communication, the two other problems we highlighted.


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