Resource & Use : Graphics & Goals

My quantitative data of water, waste and electricity is visualized by the following 3 graphics. Also on display is my progressive development in creating infographics in Adobe Illustrator– beginning with water from week 2 and ending with electricity in week 4. consumption_graphicx3

Personal Impact Change : I will focus on reducing single-use utensils, plastic bags, water bottles and that are provided by retailers by carrying my own silverware, cloth bags, and a metal water bottle. These personal implements must be carried at all times for this behavioral change to eliminate the amount of resources and waste that I consume and generate.

Action Plan : an artifact that connects awareness and action.

  • create an object that will regulate time or remind people to turn off lights.
  • integrate the object into our current infrastructure.
  • provide an analogue and low cost object that can be 3-D printed by anyone.

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