Class-wide Final Visualization

Last week as a class we presented 4 very different approaches to our impact visualization and as a group we voted on our favorite features for each infographic. For this week the “visualization team” was able to distill all this information into 3 super exiting and impactful graphics. As a class we decided that the best approach to understand our impact was to frame it as a daily average, in our opinion, a stronger statement that is easier to digest. The data was collected daily for 6 consecutive days through a major group effort and wonderfully complex spreadsheets, created by our spreadsheet wiz extraordinaire: Manako. Then, we averaged the data and turned it into what you see here:Keynote Widescreen


Keynote Widescreen

Through these visualizations we can clearly see our problem areas and begin to asses what we can do to curb our impact. Examples include, taking shorter showers, re-using materials before throwing them in the trash, recycling when possible, etc. A lot of these conclusions we took into our personal action plans as well as the class wide manifesto.

Hope you enjoy these as much as we do. Thank you.

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