Visual Impact Graph + Commitments to Action


  • Know where my trash will die.
    • Though the program, we have learned that many impact reduction methods are actually smoke and mirrors. Dark glass and plastics often end up in landfills, plastic containers with unusual forms and materials will likely have the same fate. I should always know where my waste will go to die.
  • Prototype thoughtfully.
    • In several of my projects, I used too much material too early or did not cut in an efficient manner. This led to unneeded expense and waste. When I prototype, I should be careful take basic measures to make sure I am getting the most out of my materials.
  • Carry water bottles and canvas bags at all times
    • An inordinate amount of my waste impact came in the form of packaging. I have several canvas bags and bottles, but that is only half the challenge. I need to build the habit of keeping them with me on everyday exclusions.


Artboard 1.pngThis visually interesting graph projects my impact lines onto an urban landscape representing my daily use of resources.

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