Waste less, live better

As reinforced by mapping the Schwartz theory of basic values in class last week, my diagram leant towards Universalism. This has intrinsically governed a feeling of belonging, contribution and awareness to my day to day life since I care to remember.

Spending most of my life in a metropolitan in India. I have had ample opportunities to be wasteful or judicious in my day to day life and I think I choose the latter, most of the time.  Like sketching, practising mathematics is a very paper-intensive activity, I remember using a single sheet until all the white turned black and blue. From maximising use of sheets to tearing off used pages of a notebook for reuse and not printing anything that could be done digitally, with a little more effort.These small things make me dispose of less.

From refusing to learn to use chopsticks because 100 acres of forest is felled every day to make disposable ones or using dry crockery multiple times just so that water isn’t wasted every time one needs to get a light snack. Fortunately, frugality has been imbibed in my culture and norms, even though I have the liberty to be reckless with anything in day to day life. Although, during my impulsive cleanliness drives at home or the workplace, I tend to dispose of things unsuitably,being inconsiderate with waste management.This I will improve.

Mass consumerism is glamorised and ‘excessive’ used as a sign of progress, this mindset is conditioning people to be more wasteful and less mindful. One of the smallest yet profound examples of this culture is packaged peeled oranges. This hurts the environment on so many levels, it is literally mocking our planet. It is astounding that living beings which have never been on land are dying by the millions ,due to the permanent garbage patches humans have created in the oceans.

We have come this far but we still hold ample opportunity to create a better life for the entire ecosystem. As biologist Goldstein states, “It really is an issue that affects everybody, but that’s great because that means that everybody can help.”

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