One of the greatest work in the world

The opportunity to take a trip to SIMS is really awesome, 2 miles of conveyor belts in the facility really shocked me, because it’s my very first time to see something like this. A facility, recycling the waste and providing materials for other company all over the world, is saving the earth, this could be one of the greatest work in the world.

gatewhen the first time I step into SIMS, it is not feels like a factory which works on so much garbage with bad smells, everything looks clean and nice, and the sands on the left side of the sidewalk  is not the real sands, they are recycling glass, some are green, some are yellow, looks really good, and it feels amazing when I step on it, it indicates that recycling materials can also to help people make fortune.

In the facility, what I found so amazing is that the conveyor belts can classify and collect so many different kinds  of waste, This process told me that designer should think more about recycling because the technology has already  provide a short cut for as and why not take advantage to it?

During my work, I make prototype with cardboard which comes from the package from online shopping and I keep doing so for 4 years, reusing the waste materials is a good habit but sometimes we also have bad habit like use too much water unnecessarily, keep the light switch on when you don’t use it, now I found that this is vital to us as the materials we use is limit, and the more we waste the harder life we will have, if we think more about recycling design and more company use recycling materials, it would make the world a better place.

In China, people seldom aware of classify recycle waste when they throw trash away, all the work has been done by the worker in garbage manage center, so designer should stand out to do something, design a kind of waste bin which can collect different type of trash more easily,  or designers should focus more on recycling materials using of their products so many company and factory will try to buy these materials and the garbage will be well settled naturally .

Last but not least, even if we have already make great progress on recycling waste, we still can’t be optimistic to the environment situation, and the designer like me should do our best to save the world by our design.

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