Everyone can do something for our world

This visiting to SIMS is really surprised me. I didn’t realize how many garbage we crate everyday until I start to record my waste baseline and visit SIMS. At first, I feel uncomfortable with the odor and noise created by the machine when I stand on the platform seeing the it deal with countless huge garbage, but it is this uncomfortable feeling remind me of we should we should pay attention to our environment. I realized that the original humans can produce so much garbage also aware of the importance of garbage separation.

I am very glad that modern technology can help garbage scientific classification by recycle reuse reduce to reduce the waste of resource. I would like to introduce some design that help garbage classification I found in this visiting.

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The first tool is help people to recognize different kinds of plastic because they recycling The tool in the second picture is a design to help classify different size ball, you can see the width of two tracks are gradually becoming wide, this design greatly reduces human workload.  The tool in third picture is using magnet to classify different metal material garbage.

The recycling machine is much complicated than I thought, here are some pictures I took in SIMS.



I can’t  imagine how New York will be if there is no garbage dump in New York. Unfortunately, not all cities and countries have the conditions to have such a recycling garbage dump to maximum the use of waste to create new products and wealth because the purchase of machines need huge financial support.But I think  it is very important to strengthen people’s awareness of waste separation. When some cities can not afford the huge economic pressure to build a modern landfill, we still should be preceded by the idea of incineration of waste separation to minimize the burden of the landfill to improve resource utilization.This is a  virtuous circle for the city as well as the whole world.

We should  be aware of the importance of our individual behavior rather than that it has nothing to do with your own garbage because you are far more than you think. The impact of  good changes on the world is far beyond your imagination. So maybe learn more about garbage classify, maybe save a piece of paper, just do it now!img_166373941858777772148

Jiani Lin


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