A trip to recycle plant

Our class got the chance to visit SIMS Municipal Recycling facility,it was an informative and exciting experience that made an impact on the rest of my life.

Before i visited the plant, i always hold a suspicious attitude towards recycling,i never think twice before i throw something away,even after when i start recycling,my waste diversion was blurry. However after i visited SIMS Municipal Recycling facility, my whole opinion toward recycling was changed. During the tour , we visit the plant museum first, we saw some interesting set up, such as the stream line of the plant, the categories of recycling waste , and some interesting stories about recycling. my personal takeaway of this part is recycling of certain object is complicated , such as electronics and vehicles, some of the parts are not recyclable ,and can be hazardous to the environment,  such as batteries. So in my future life, i should give my old electronic to professionals to handle, instead just toss them around.

Our second stop of the tour is getting a lecture from the tour guide. During the lecture, i found out that 15% of the power that used by the facility is from solar panel, and the facility also use other sustainable power source such as wind power and wave power. I have never seen a plant so eco-friendly before. The tour guide also showed us that some waste of our life are not as recyclable as we originally thought, such as full bottle labels, milk cotton boxes, clear plastic #6. And there is a way to turn plastic bag into durable wood board, that’s pretty amazing, i also learned that we shouldn’t believe what’s on the products wrapping paper , because many products declare they use recyclable material , however those materials are very difficult to process .So i should pay more attention to my trash before i throw them away,and it’s very important for everyone to do so.

At last, we finished up with a directly glimpse of the stream line. it gives me a clear idea of how recycling actually works. it’s pretty amazing to see how much effort that people willing to pay to making our planet a better place.

I always throw things away without a second thought, but i won’t do that anymore,i should start recycling smartly . Maybe start with the small things, like peeling the wrapping of the Nesquick  before i toss it, and learn the type of plastic and categorize them before i recycle them.



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