Policy and Advocacy, How transportation change your life?


Policy impact a lot of designs in our daily life, people even never notice, many design last for many years and still serving people.

In China, every time of new year vacation, more than 100 millions of people who work far away from their hometown travel a long distance to go home and spend the new year with their family, most of these people can only afford the prize of train tickets but not airplane tickets, so the government courage the transportation policy and carry out a very new design and implement in 2008, the high-speed railway net. This railway net covers the capitals of 33 provinces in China, (ps: there are 34 provinces in china.)  which lead to much more convenience to people who always traveling around the country. For example, many undergraduate students study in university which located in the different province, before 2012, a student needs to take 30 hours train to travel from the southernmost city of the northernmost province to the northernmost city of a middle province in China, (ps: this is me 😛 ) and now the student can take only 15 and half hours to finish such long distance, and also the student can get 50% ,30% and 25% off for the tickets of different type of seats.

In America, many suburbia and towns design to be like no sidewalk because there are to many cars and all the roads are designed to reduce the traffic jam,  no bikes road and no walking space, people spend money on gas to drive, and spend money on doing running in the gym, it’s really funny that these people have to drive to the gym, is that how government increase the GDP?  James Howard Kunslter make much better points in The ghastly tragedy of the suburbs,

The design of the city control the life of people. the policy of transportation and environment gives people a totally different way of life, Design can help people but also can make people struggle,  looking further to do the good design is a vital goal for today’s designers.

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