Health knowledge: We all need more!

by Jiani Lin

Published on September 13, 2016

Medical Definition of communicable disease is:An infectious disease transmissible (as from person to person) by direct contact with an affected individual or the individual’s discharges or by indirect means (as by a vector)—compare contagious disease.

Here I want to give two examples of design that design for communicable disease, one is positive, one is negative.

The flu is different from a cold and can cause mild to severe illness. According to the survey, most people will recover from the flu in less than 2 weeks, but some will develop complications. Most people surrounding me doesn’t know the harm of flu and even ignore it and don’t get any treatment when they get flu. So it is important to let people know the harm of flu and the serious conscious it can cause. Centers for disease and prevention give many recommendations to prevent flu and reduce flu symptoms.11111

One of those is to use a mask because it can prevent the spread of germs in some degree. The Smart Mask designed by Wenzhi Lee is use in urban areas with varying air quality. Paired with the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth, the design’s built-in sensors detect harmful particles and alert the user when it’s appropriate to breathe through the mask. It’s a very helpful to let people pay attention to air pollution and bacterial infection through air.

As we known, Mosquito is very common insects can spread communicable diseases, there are many things design to directly decrease mosquito or prevent us bite by mosquito. There is a design named mosquito repellent bracelet. It is different a wristband have repellent function. It’s very cheap so many people bought this product when it first come to market. Then people find this product almost has no function on repellent function. According to some science data, if the chemical materials in the mosquito repellent bracelet can drive away mosquito it also can do harm to our body functions in some degree. So is a negative design example that this product can’t balance its original function and its negative influence.4599535764312379049

Use design power to protect ourselves from disease it’s a good thing to everyone, but what we should pay more attention is don’t over design, design should always be helpful rather than harmful. Try to learn more health knowledge before you use one thing to prevent disease and protect yourselves.


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