Watch out! An invisible menace in your work.

Occupational & environmental health science, literary, is about identifying, assessing, predicting and controlling the health damaging effects within the workplace. As the purpose, is to prevent workers from risking occupational hazards in physical, mental and social ways.

Here’s a awesome design solving occupational health problem by internet of things. Soian Information is a famous company in Beijing, China (I’ve had a short internship there^_^) , which concentrate on occupational health information platform. As there are always plenty of workers and machines in a factory, it’s hard to collect some information. Simple statistics just like, who has taken a safety/health education, or when should the machine change components, can be a hard work to be precisely counted. This platform can easily collect these datas. Moreover, it can mentor the operating condition of the heavy machines. In this way, the information platform can be an escort for workers to be both safe and healthy.


However, some design looks so convenient at the first sight, it has some bad effects on our health. Against the background of faster and more competitive society, we have to pay more attention to our work, and our private time is getting less and less. Therefore, some people choose to live nearer to their working place to reduce the time cost on their way. Live-in office, as a popular design these years, can easily solve this problem. But as for manufacture factory, it may not seem to be a good idea. Potential safety and health hazard may living in the factory with them at the same time.


During my research progress, I felt it a little difficult to find nice designs in occupational health field. Even in my four-years undergraduate learning about occupational injury and disease, I seldom see good designs, but always heavy and invalid ones. I guess, as designing in this area needs more professional knowledge with an engineering background, it can be more difficult for designers to do. Maybe in the future, we can try to concentrate more in this area.

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